Wool Rug Cleaning Boca Raton: Proven and Tested Method of Cleaning


When it comes to rugs, orientalrugcleaningbocaraton.com is the name to trust.  Our company knows that wool normally gathers dust and dirt fast. These particles harden if you fail to remove them immediately. When finally you get around to cleaning your rug, you will find out that the task is too tedious for you to accomplish.

For intensive Wool Rug Cleaning in Boca Raton, our specialists have perfected a cleaning system. So the first step of its 5 step wool rug cleaning process is dusting your rug. Why dusting precisely? Why not wash it with water immediately. The answer to this is quite simple. When dust and dirt are wet, they solidify, thus clinging to rug fibers even more. This is more difficult to deal with.  Dusting primarily shortens the time you have to spend on cleaning rugs and we want your rugs to last.

Our Tested Process

  • Dusting

Our system shuns the traditional method – beating the rug- that people usually do to remove dirt. We use compressed air, a more advanced method. This reduces the chance for rugs to get damaged during the process of cleaning.  Compressed air is capable of removing dust that is embedded in rugs for many years.

  • Washing 

After dusting, washing is done with water and mild detergent. Our people know their stuff so you can be sure they will only use the liquid solution that works best for your rug. Washing is the hardest step in our wool rug cleaning Boca Raton process. We wash manually which is the best method. Washing by hand ensures that we do not have to deal with the potential dangers of huge washing machines. The work is often exhausting especially when big rugs are involved. But we know rugs need careful handling as they are fragile. Actually, we do not mind the laborious work.  We do it gladly because satisfying our customers is our priority.

  • Soft Water Rinse

When washing is completed, we rinse your rugs. This is the third step. For this step, we have developed a system which we call soft water rinse. This gets rid of the suds and residual dirt. While we are doing the rinsing procedure, we also disinfect. We consider a rug thoroughly clean only after we have disinfected it.

  • Fringe Cleaning

Next, we clean the fringes. Considering that ragged and matted fringes turn a beautiful rug look horrible. We wash them with special detergent and comb them until they look neat and uncluttered.

  • Drying

Drying is the final step in our Wool Rug Cleaning Boca Raton process. We do not dry them just anywhere or just by any method. Direct sunlight has a negative effect on them, so we dry them in a room using compressed air.  We make sure the drying is fast. Take note that wet rugs collect dust and dirt faster than dry rugs.

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Do you have wool rugs that need to be cleaned? You don’t have to search far to find the right cleaner. You have the best cleaning system around. Call us to know more about our services.  We will evaluate the condition of your wool rug and offer free estimates of the cost of cleaning.