Our Rug Cleaning Process


Oriental Rug Cleaning Dusting

Rugs collect great amounts of dust, dirt, and even sand every day. As a result, they get deeper and deeper into the fibers of the rug. It is essential to dust off the rug before any washing is done to keep the accumulated dirt from destroying the rug’s foundation. Otherwise, the rug will harden and its life is shortened. Our dusting process makes use of high-power dusting machines to effectively and safely remove all the dust from the rug. This is the ideal condition of the rug before it is washed. We do not believe in beating the dust off because this action only destroys the rug in every way.

Washing by Hand

We are sure that many of you are surprised by this method. We know that each Oriental rug has a rich history and every owner wants to keep the rug for a lifetime and beyond. Since these floor pieces were slowly, carefully and masterfully crafted by loving hands, we believe that they should get the same treatment in cleaning. Hand washing is still the gentlest way to clean rugs. In contrast, washing machines can loosen the weaves, can pose shrinkage, and even deform the rug.


Soft Water Rinse

After washing the rug thoroughly, it goes through a soft water rinse procedure. Soft water mixed with air is used to flush away all the dirt and cleaning solution completely. Rinsing is not stopped until the water that comes off the rug is crystal clear. This step is as important as the rest because it ensures that your rug is completely clean.

Special Drying Process

We consider our drying stage special because we expose your rug to a constant flow of dry, warm air carefully and delicately. This clean and continuous air flow will ensure that the rug is dried in the fastest way possible. The rug is strung overnight and then moved to another area for complete drying. The rug will not be moved to the next stage until it has dried totally. Your prized possession will smell fresh and look new.


Fringe Cleaning

In this stage, the fringes of the rug are cleaned using a special edge tool to bring out its original colors, that is, white and clean. The fringes are then combed thoroughly so that the edges are separated. Oriental Rug Cleaning Boca Raton guarantees that your rug is clean right down to the smallest strands of its fringes.

Rug Restoration and Repair

We are proud to tell you that our services are not limited to rug cleaning alone. We can repair and restore your rugs the way we clean them: with careful and expert hands. Our team of repair experts can fix Oriental rugs that are worn out or damaged. Whether your rug was torn, faded, ripped or damaged in any way, you can be sure that we have the tools and skills to fix it for you.

Now that you know how your rug will be treated, give us a call for a free estimate. We cannot wait to show you how we can make your rug look as good as it did the day you brought it out of the store.


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