Water Extraction Boca Raton: Extra Care for Drenched Rugs


Rug maintenance would include regular cleaning at home by vacuuming and other means. In some cases, when you have limited time on your hands, you can also let a professional clean your rugs.  However, it’s not only because of everyday dirt and dust that you require the services of a professional. Damages caused by water like when your rugs are soaked during floods have to be attended without delay. Nevertheless, for these kinds of damages, you would need the services of professional Water Extraction in Boca Raton.

Why waterlogged rugs need immediate attention

Letting a rug remain wet for a long time is not a good idea especially if it is loaded with dirt.  Molds form in the rug and in a short time, it would then accumulate harmful bacteria . You do not have to be a brilliant scientist to know what bacteria could bring.  These harmful species can pose allergies and respiratory issues among  young children.

As the rug dries, the dirt eventually solidifies, making the rug susceptible to more serious damages. The hardened fibers could break easily and lose its thickness.  For this reason, you need to let the experts examine your waterlogged rugs.

Restoring water damaged rugs

Water Extraction in Boca Raton is not an easy task. But our technicians are very knowledgeable about it. Initially, they will check the condition of your rug. They’ll clean your rug to determine the extent of damage. If they notice any  bleeding or any damaged fibers, they will bring back the beauty of your floor piece. They’ll see to it that the colors, thickness and designs of the rug are restored.  You do not have to worry how they will accomplish these tasks considering that they are rug specialists.

Being in the business for a couple of years, we have learned a lot about rug damages. We never run out of trainings just to improve our knowledge in rug cleaning. This means there is no problem that we can’t deal with..

 Although the bulk of our business comes from rug cleaning, our technicians have undergone enough training to enable us to  take on more challenging jobs such as repairs and Water Extraction in Boca Raton .  Our technicians may be given specific rug cleaning assignments, but their skills are comprehensive. After all, aside from being passers of certification tests, they have undergone training programs –designed to turn them into rug specialists.

Our clients have increased by leaps and bounds since we opened for business more than two years ago. Our washing by hand technique elicits trust from our customers. They are aware that the method involves backbreaking work, but we do it because it’s the most effective and safest way to cleaning rugs.

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