Rug Repair Boca Raton: Restoring Your Dilapidated Rugs


Oriental rugs are really meant to last for centuries. They are that resilient.  They are prone to dirt, dust and debris so they could get damaged and worn out. Thorough cleaning done by a professional might extend their lifespan a bit, but if you really want them to recover their former vitality and resilience, your best option is to have them restored. For restoration jobs, you will get best results from an experienced Rug Repair Boca Raton expert.

Rug damages

There are many causes of rug damage. Moths, constant exposure to extreme damp and humidity conditions can damage rugs just as much as foot traffic can.  Rugs that stay wet for extended periods of time can bleed. It can get moldy. Molds make the fabrics of rugs fragile and easily damaged. You really must dry a wet or damp rug quickly.

Accidental burns and cuts are also frequent causes of damages. These kinds of damages get worse when you do not take immediate action. They can’t be solved by mere cleaning. For them, a Rug Repair Boca Raton service is more applicable. But get a provider, like Oriental Rug Cleaning in Boca Raton, that has adequate experience in rug restoration.

There are damages such as burns and cuts that affect the weave and designs of rugs. You can’t entrust your rug to somebody who is not really a rug expert. When we say a rug expert, we mean somebody who is familiar with designs and materials that are used for making rugs. You must know that some rug materials are rather special. Some of them are taken from animals and plants. Restorers must know about these things or they will not do a good job at it.

We have the Right People for the Job

For immediate Rug Repair in Boca Raton, get in touch with us. We have studied rugs extensively.  We can easily identify what materials were woven to create a particular rug, where the color dyes came from. We know what replacement materials are suitable if some parts of the rug need replacements.  In addition, we know what can ruin the rug further.  All these enable us to restore the elegance of your rug.

By visiting our website, you will get a good idea how exceptional and wide-ranging our services are. We are capable of doing everything required to make your investment last practically forever.  Our comprehensive research on rugs and our more than 2 years of experience have allowed us to develop a special cleaning process that not only removes all dirt and stains but also removes germs that are in the rug due to mildew or molds.  What sets this process apart from other processes is the safe solutions. In washing, we do not use machines that can damage rugs; we choose to use our hands to washing them.

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Whatever job your rugs require, whether routine cleaning, drying or more complex works like Oriental Rug Restoration or repair, we at Rug Repair in Boca Raton will do them passionately. We give discounts for all types of jobs. Enjoy our freebies. We offer free pickup and delivery. Call us for free estimates as well.