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Rug Repair and Restoration Boca Raton

Most of us, especially living in South Florida, have hard surface floors in our home. Therefore, most also have area rugs as well. Rug Restoration Boca Raton does not pertain to oriental rugs that may be older or generational. We offer services of repairing and cleaning that bring any rug that has any type of value to you back to life!


Whether it be everyday wear and tear from vacuum cleaners eating away at the fringe. Here is a tip, try to avoid every vacuuming fringes. I have gone so far as to use a fine pic comb to brush and draw out the dirt. Or perhaps, you have some more significant damage like a tear or hole in the rug. Our Rug Repair Boca Raton department has all the tools and expertise necessary to take care of your concern, even rugs that have bled and need color correction.

We have our repair specialist who has been with our family owned business for years, as long as my dad was here. When our rug guy comes to your home to talk to you about your rug cleaning and repair needs, we feel very confident that you will feel good entrusting us with your Rug Restoration Boca Raton.

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