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Rug Cleaning and Cleaners Boca Raton

If you are reading this page, first off, THANK YOU for taking the time to check out out our family company! This also means that you are considering that it is time for Rug Cleaning Boca Raton and for that…keep looking at the site and find out more about how we treat our rugs and our loyal customers. Our company takes a lot into consideration when we advise our customers on the area rug cleaning boca raton results. We first and foremost, talk about the rug itself, where it came from, how long you have had it and if it has been professionally cleaned before, what process was used. This can sometimes be a very key element. You see, Rug Cleaners Boca Raton and anywhere else can use different methods that not all rely on hand washing. If a rug was saturated with chemicals do mask odor or quick steam clean, that could be a factor in future cleaning and bleeding. That is why we dye block rugs before we hand wash the keep in tact.

We also want to know more about the rugs, we love hearing stories on how they were inherited or acquired in travels or simply picked out because they were the perfect accent for the home. We aren’t your typical carpet cleaning company that comes in and out. We want long lasting relationships and for our customers to feel comfortable to continue to call us with the oriental rug cleaning boca raton needs.

Thanks again for checking us out. Call us and find out more about us!