Odor Removal Boca Raton: Providing Prompt Pet Odor Removal Services


There shouldn’t be any reason why owning pets should prevent you from having oriental rugs.   You just have to train your pets to prevent them from dropping wastes and urinating on your rug. Of course, there are times when they will still do that especially when they haven’t received adequate training yet. In such a case, it’s best to know something about your rug. What it’s made of? When was it made and where?  Knowledge on these things will allow you to deal properly with pet stains.

Why do you need to hire Odor Removal Boca Raton professionals?

Generally, oriental rugs are made from materials like wool.  These are materials that urine or vomit penetrates most easily. This means you should always be on the alert and ready to provide instant remedy. With other rugs not made of wool, you have more time to deal with them.  Whatever the problem is, do not worry too much about it. There are many home remedies available. Or you can always consult our experts at Odor Removal in Boca Raton.  From our years of rug cleaning experience, we have developed remedies that are effective and safe.

Rugs made of cotton absorb liquid as fast as wool rugs but could dry up more slowly. Both rugs will develop foul odor and if no proper solution is applied immediately, the problem can become worse. In addition, mold and mildew can develop and this could make the rug brittle not to mention the germs the rug will have.

The proper way to remove foul odor

Using disinfectant or enzyme is generally not effective against the strong odor or mold.  Scrubbing them does not work either. What you do is soak the infected rug in a solution for a couple of hours and wash it thoroughly.  The problem is you may not have the expertise for doing this the right way.   It is really better to let Odor Removal in Boca Raton handle this kind of problem.

Know us More

Our experts have been solving pet stains for at least a couple of years. Our company knows that most homeowners have pets and  apart from foot traffic; pet stains are also a great source of rug damage.  Pet stains are probably even worse than common dust and dirt because they can trigger the appearance of various diseases.

Odor Removal in Boca Raton has the method, people and equipment that can solve any kind of issue related to animal waste.  We employ a cleaning system that has undergone serious tests and is capable of dealing not only with pet stains but all other rug cleaning problems such as dirt and dust as well.

One thing that endears us to our clients is we really exercise maximum care when we clean their rugs. We do not use machines to wash them. We wash rugs by hand to reduce the risks of damages. This method of cleaning also allows us to find all the stains and what other problems the rugs might have.

How to contact us 

Have pet issues lately? Please call us .  We will look at your rug and give you free estimates of the cost of what we will do to make it look brand new. There’s no need for you to leave the comfort of your home. Well pick up and return your rug free of charge.