Persian Rug Washing Boca Raton: Essentials for Ultimate Cleaning


Today’s modern way of cleaning rugs is far different from century-old conventional methods. Gone are the days when rug cleaning follows the dangerous rug beating using a wooden bar.  Not only is the rug punished but the health of the beater as well.

Nowadays, a vacuum cleaner is already considered as necessity to every home. This is because rugs and carpets are also necessary ornaments in the home that provide comfort and attraction. But we, at Oriental Rug Cleaning Boca Raton, believe that vacuum cleaning is not the best method to achieve an ultimate rug cleaning and Persian rug washing in Boca Raton. In fact, vacuum cleaners can even be a culprit why your precious rugs are prone to damage.

  • Professional rug technicians

When high traffic areas in the home are experienced, chances are, rugs experience wear and tear in just a short period of time. If you want to keep your rugs for long, then Persian rug washing Boca Raton professionals should be your partners in caring for you rugs.

  • Use of Machine or Equipment

As we all know, service providers today use a combination of handwork and machine work in cleaning rugs. This is to facilitate quality and quantity in the process of Persian rug washing in Boca Raton especially if they come in bulk cleaning jobs. As you hire the services of professionals, check with the company that the machines they use are designed not to damage rugs. Of course, it is the fear of every homeowner to have their rugs get ruined after the cleaning process because of too heavy and harsh machines.

  • Right  Rug and Carpet Shampoo

Part of the rug cleaning process is the use of shampoo and other solutions during the washing period.  In here, rug owners are concerned about the appearance of their rugs at the end of the process. Make sure that the solutions being used do not make the rug’s color fade. The company is definitely liable to this kind of outcome. There must be specific solutions to be used to specific types of rugs. When a rug tends to bleed, the proper shampoo must be used.

At Oriental Rug Cleaning Boca Raton, equipment and solutions are our main concern. Take note that we clean rugs and use quality machines in the process of drying. Our solutions are 100% safe and effective. No damages will be seen at the end of the process.

We assure you that our expertise is already at par with service providers who have been operating for many years now. This is because we invested in comprehensive trainings and seminars so that we can keep up with the latest technologies in rug cleaning and Persian rug washing.

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