Persian Rug Cleaning Boca Raton: Revealing Our Best Cleaning Solution


It is really difficult to tell whether a rug is really clean or not until you have smelled it and ascertained that the foul odor of pet stains are no longer there. At Persian Rug Cleaning in Boca Raton, we make sure your rugs looks not only clean but smells clean as well. We have a cleaning method that effectively sanitizes your rug. You can learn more about this method by visiting, our website.

Just like you, Persian Rug Cleaning in Boca Raton wants you and children to avoid the dangers of rugs that are not really clean. Dust can trigger asthma, but foul smell that indicates presence of germs can trigger even more serious health problems.

Our Experience

In the couple of years we have been in the business of rug cleaning, our clients have increased by leaps and bounds. We attribute this to the apparent effectiveness of the solution we’ve developed based on our experience and extensive research.

Our technicians are skilled and analytic. This comes from the comprehensive and continuous training we make them undergo. It is our belief that in order for our technicians to be considered experts, they have to know a lot of things about rugs, from the materials used to make them to the various ways of cleaning them.  Once our technicians subjected a rug to close examination, they know the specific way it could be cleaned.

Our Procedure

Our company implements a 5-step rug cleaning procedure which Persian Rug Cleaning specialists in Boca Raton implement. The steps are: dusting, washing, rinsing, fringe cleaning and drying. But before our technicians start the process, the rugs are closely examined first. It would be a pity if after cleaning; it is found out that the rug actually requires more than just cleaning.  We always make sure that when we return the rugs to our customers, all problems are addressed.

We never employ a method that can harm your rugs.  We have the best equipment for rinsing and drying, but washing machines, however sophisticated they are, have no use for us. We do not want to disfigure or damage your rugs in any away, so we wash them with our hands. This is demanding work, but it makes us happy. We give priority to satisfying our customers.

We use a rinsing method that not only ensures all dirt are removed, but also ensures your rugs are totally sterilized and disinfected. We call this method soft water rinse. Our drying process is fast. We know rugs that remain wet for a long time are susceptible to mildew and molds. When we deliver the rugs to your home, you can be certain they are truly dry.

Cleaning rugs is a task that owners should learn to do regularly.  Soiled rugs are easily damaged because fibers become brittle.  They also get inhabited by germs which can be risky for your children.  There is no substitute for letting our experts do Persian Rug Cleaning in Boca Raton. When we clean your rugs, they are really clean.

Call us at our office.  We will give you free estimates and we will pick-up your rug from your home and return it to you at its best condition.