Persian Carpet Cleaning Boca Raton: Safe Cleaning Approach


People love rugs. Homes seem lifeless when floors are bare. With rugs, they look posh and elegant. The problem is rugs can be stained. When this happens, they become unpleasant to look at. Fortunately, we at Persian Carpet Cleaning in Boca Raton know exactly what to do about stained rugs.

We deal with all types of rugs – Persian and Oriental and even the synthetic ones. We have been doing this kind of work for a couple for years now. Our rug experts are capable of doing just about anything related to rug care, repair and restoration. We have established rapport with our customers. They know that we have the expertise and that we are committed to providing the best service we are capable of.

Our technicians doing Persian Carpet Cleaning in Boca Raton have undergone upgrading trainings and seminarsThere is no way we’ll let them handle the rugs of our customers until they know enough about rugs. We work hard to really transform them into genuine experts. Considering the complicated and time consuming process, and the high level of skill required to create a rug, it is but proper that our technicians are fully equipped to handle them.

We make our technicians understand how delicate rugs are.  Oriental and Persian rugs are mostly made from soft materials like wool. Designs are complex and intricate. Dye used for coloring often comes from animals, minerals and plants.   Creation is cumbersome since weaving is carried out by hand. Before somebody can become a rug expert, he or she has to know these things about rugs.

The training we give to our technicians at Persian Carpet Cleaning in Boca Raton also focuses on thoroughly acquainting them with the methods we have developed over the years.   From our extensive research and years of experience, we have created a cleaning system that takes into account the unique construction and make of rugs. The Oriental Rug Cleaning Boca Raton Company believes that the most effective way to clean and get rid of rug stains is cleaning by hand.. With this method, we are able to locate all spots and stains and remove all of them.

Our Safe Approach

Stains on rugs are not easy to remove. But unlike some cleaning companies, we never use chemicals or steam to removing them. Chemicals especially those containing bleach are dangerous. They can fade the colors of rugs.  High pressure and steam can make rug fibers go limp. For this reason, washing by hand does not pose dangers to the integrity of rugs. Another method we use that pleases our customers is we rinse using soft water.

Stained rugs are difficult to deal with. Home remedies are okay but you have to be extra careful that you do not end with a faded rug which is as bad as a stained one.  To prevent this, consulting us at Persian Carpet Cleaning in Boca Raton is really the best thing you can do.

If you have problems concerning stained rugs, you can call our office.   We offer free estimates and free pick-up and delivery.