Oriental Rug Cleaning Boca Raton: Oriental Rugs Myths


We do not know for sure who made the first Oriental rugs and what materials were used to make them. There are many myths about them that probably were created by their sellers to arouse the interest of potential buyers. These myths have been handed down from generation and are now part of history.

At Oriental rug cleaning in Boca Raton, we love rugs as much as owners do. We would like to share some of these myths and find out how they affect the way people look at oriental rugs. Keep reading….

1st Myth: We identify oriental rugs through design only

This is not true. Apart from the design, we can also tell whether an oriental rug is genuine or not by the method used to create it and the way it was constructed. An authentic oriental can be flat woven, hand or machine made. A specialty rug can be identified by the markings found at its back.

2nd Myth: The value of Oriental rugs appreciate as they age

This is not true. Oriental rugs are not like real gems that tend to appreciate in value as they age. You may have shelled out a lot of money to acquire a beautiful rug, but it is no way can you sell it for more than the amount you paid for it. The tell tale signs of wear and tear and the fact that its materials become brittle as time passes will make it lose much of its original value.

3rd Myth: Old Oriental rugs are more expensive

Of course not!  If you properly take care of your rug, its value may not decrease. But definitely it won’t increase. There is a great chance its price will go down if it shows signs of wear and tear.  When you are contemplating buying a rug for your home or to replace one which you think has lost its usefulness, buy a new rug. You will get more from it than from an old rug, however expensive the latter is. Better still, you can let Oriental rug cleaning in Boca Raton look at your old rug.

4th Myth: Wet cleaning is not applicable for oriental rugs

More than 80% of elements that make rugs dirty are dry. Sometimes, though, rugs are also made dirty by flooding, water leaks, spilled drinks, pet urine, etc. The damage done to rugs by liquids is more serious than dry dust or dirt.

Some people have this idea that rugs cannot be cleaned by washing. This is not true.  Dry cleaning may be okay for loose dirt, but it can’t remove filth that has hardened nor can it remove stains. To really clean rugs, they have to be washed with water and detergent, rinsed than dry. In fact, Oriental Rug cleaning in Boca Raton not only washes rugs, it washes rugs by hand to make sure all traces of dirt and germs are totally removed.

If you have questions about rugs or want your rug cleaned, repaired of restored, you can call our office.   We have been engaged in rug cleaning business for a couple of years now. We offer free estimates. We pick your rug from your home and return it at no cost to you.