About Us

Oriental Rug Cleaning Boca Raton has been in the industry for a several of years. Its owner, Jamie Ferrelli, has been trained in the rug cleaning business by her father. For a decade now, she learned everything about rug cleaning, repair and restoration. Oriental Rug Cleaning Boca Raton believes that building great relationships with its customers is vital.  We love to share our knowledge in rug care and the latest news to every customer who visits us in our 5,000 ft cleaning facility.

The primary goal of Oriental Rug Cleaning Boca Raton is to enlighten anyone who needs guidance in caring for his/ her Oriental rug– to make it last for a long, long time. We are very much aware that cleaning rug takes time and so we want to put off the burden on your shoulder to clean your precious floor pieces and allow us to wash your rugs with tender loving care.

Explore our website and learn more about how we care for your rug. Check out our tested cleaning process by visiting our website. You will also discover how we clean your rugs by hand; so watch our videos and look at some of our photos. Find out why we love doing our job and why we are proud of being in this business.

Only a few companies wash rugs by hand and we take pride in being one of them. Read Jamie  Ferrelli’s story on her very first Oriental rug. Take your time and check out our website. See photos of our high tech cleaning plant, where we work on all your rug care needs. It will not take long for you to see the passion that we have for rugs. We offer free checkup and estimate right at your home. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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